Andy Teasley and I sat down for a conversation at our local real estate investing club.

We were talking about various topics… California politics, the Mormon Army (I’ve never heard of it till now and I thought there should be a movie about this) , A/C in mobile homes, etc.

But one topic that stands out is putting deals together creatively.
He gave me a “light-bulb” tip on how I should’ve have handled a deal I had lost over a year ago.
Back then I didn’t know anything about creative finance, and I lost a deal a GREAT deal, because I didn’t solve the problem with the parties involved (there were two parties the renters and the owner and both needed a solution).
His tip was a “aha moment”.
And I didn’t get the deal because I didn’t get on my “thinking chair” (or in my case the “thinking shower”) or seeking out people who’ve been on that thinking chair hundreds of times.
My guess is… there’s a lot of deals being missed because wholesalers and flippers are running around selling cash offers and that’s it.
And they miss these great deals because the these type of situations aren’t solved with cash offers.
People seeking cash offers are just price shoppers.
Sell leadership, problem solving, escape, stable income, etc.
Not cash offers.
Anyway, that’s my 2-cents that I learned from Andy… and there’s a ton of “aha moments” in this Millionaire Makers The Next Generation seminar that’ll be out soon.
p.s. I realize I keep saying “soon”and It’s taking longer than expected. I apologize, and to make up for this lag time I’m offering this at a 75% discount when I finally pre-sale.
p.s.s A product launch is a lot of work behind the scenes… and most of the work I didn’t know about (writing sales copy, listening to 3-day event multiple times, setting up merchant accounts and payment gateways, Coordinating with paid-traffic guy, writing content for the list, writing content for future products, setting up roads for future traffic, designing pages, coordinating with editor and distribution companies, dealing with tech problems,etc).
You won’t know what you don’t know… but that’s ok. Don’t let it stop you from getting started