The other day someone on my list asked me what time I go to bed if I’m waking up at 3:45 everyday.

I answered, that it varies if I fall asleep putting the kids to bed or not. It ranges from 7:30 to 9:45.

But, I didn’t start waking up this early when I first started real estate. I gradually got to this time. I’ll explain why I wake up so early in another email…

But for now, This got me thinking about all the successful people who’ve failed in life before hitting it big; nobody gets it right the first time.

Like Thomas Edison who took years and 1,001 attempts to finally get the light bulb right.

Or Walt Disney (the king of imagination) who had a very rough start and was fired from his job because he lacked imagination.

Or Stephen Spielberg who got rejected from USC’s School of Theatre 3 times.

It got me thinking about me as well.

I’m never really good at anything right from the bat.

I actually suck at many things when I first start them.

When I first started meeting with sellers and trying to negotiate… I was a mess. I didn’t know what to say or how and lost many deals.

Even in other non-real estate related topics. Like when I played soccer in high school, I was probably one of the worst players on the team. I took up golf about a year ago, and joined a monthly club… well I have the worst handicap on the roster. When I first started playing guitar… It was more like a joke when I got on it among my friends.

So, I’ve had my fair share of sucking when I first started things.

But, most people even highly successful people, aren’t naturals.

You’re better off NOT being a natural. Because naturals don’t go for the hard ones.

And hard, persistent, work out beats natural ability everytime.

So, enter the Millionaire Makers Next Generation seminar…

If you need guidance on how to talk to sellers, what to say to them, and how to tie up deals… then this is the seminar I needed when I first started:


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