The other day I tuned into a guru ad, on a man named Dean Graziosi.

And, I actually liked it.

It was one of the few guru’s preaching about how getting deals is about helping people.

It’s a refreshing breeze that stands apart from the ongoing “cash is king” rhetoric.

New investors jump into the scene and state that their biggest obstacles to getting started in real estate is no cash.

But that’s everyone’s problem, not just newbies.

That’s even Andy Teasley’s, the Wizard of Wobbly Boxes, obstacle (small obstacle) like everyone else. But it’s not a big problem for him… because he knows how to find it.

Having money in your own pocket, is not the only way to get what you want.

But, as the great Joe Sugarman (ad writer and business owner) once said, “If all you have is a hammer, you look at all the problems the same way”.

So, learn the tools and knowledge to barter up and exchange value for value; Value comes in many ways.

For instances, in my info-publishing biz, I’m heading off a big focus on list building. Which takes no money but rather bartering with other list owners. I have other assets and skills that I can exchange.

And no matter how new you are, you have skills, time, and assets you can trade up.

If you’re wondering how this is done with a seller…

Well it’s taught in our 3-day seminar recorded and edited for your learning pleasure.

Learn what it’s about here:

p.s. People have paid double the price for this but it included a consultation anytime. currently it’s half of what it used to be and the price will go up once we divide all of them into separate packages.

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