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Most real estate investors understand one way to make an offer. It is a low ball, 50 cents on the dollar offer. If the seller won’t or can’t accept an offer that low the negotiations are over. The investor is off to find the next lead and seller still has a house to sell. Nobody wins in this scenario. Furthermore, most investors have no concept of how to use a financial calculator or how that calculator is a fantastic tool to help you structure win-win deals.

If you knew ways you could structure your deals so both you and the seller win, how many more deals would you close every year? How many of your competitors that only know the 50 cents on the dollar approach could you leave in the dust? The secret to great deals is in the structure of the deal. The financial calculator will help you build that structure if you know how to use it.

The Wizard Complete is your answer. It will give you the skills and knowledge to create deals where everybody wins and your competitors don’t have a clue how to replicate. Here is some of what you will learn:

    • Learn how notes work, earn large returns based on negotiating minor details on notes.
    • Learn how you can overpay for a rental house by 1000% and have the deal still cash flow.
    • Learn the easy way anyone can earn 35% using the “Ten for Twelve” technique.
    • Learn how to build towards a comfortable retirement using a self-directed Solo K or IRA
    • Learn how buying “subject to” “lease options” & “Wraps” can accelerate your wealth growth.
    • How the financial, structural and negotiation of mobile home investing.
    • Learn how to earn double digit income with discounted notes through Mobile Home Investing.
    • Learn how to find bargain Mobile homes to flip.
    • Learn powerful negotiating techniques.
    • Learn how to Cheaply Fix up a Mobile Home for a quick sale.
    • Learn Powerful Marketing Techniques
    • Presentations by Successful Prior students
    • Learn a Structure that provides UNENDING, INFINITE, WEALTH

Upcoming Classes

Wizard Complete

How to Calculate Notes & Yields Class

February 18 & 19 2023 Live 2 Day in person Class in San Francisco Bay Area CA Join Andy, the Wizard of Wobbly Boxes, for a full weekend course on note-based investing. Saturday morning will begin with basic instruction on using the HP10bii financial calculator. During this section you’ll learn the 5 buttons on the calculator that will change the way you look at every transaction. On day 2, he’ll go over how to invest in your own back yard (even in Southern California) with very little cash! Learn how to close ANY deal and KNOW its yield. For more information or to register