I remember the insecurity I had when I first got into real estate.

In fact, the insecurity still exists from time to time. And, I know that some of you have it as well. The thought of people around you snickering at your “cute” venture to make something of your life. The thought of failing and people telling you, “It’s ok, it’s who you know”, or , “You’ve dreamt to big, now come back to your normal life”.

According the Napoleon Hill, criticism is one of the biggest stoppers of a person’s success.

The thoughts that just keeping pounding you down.

Keep you from not only doing what you have to do, but getting you through the hard times.

What other people think of you can have a powerful effect… if you let it.

Don’t ask me the secret of not caring what other people think. For me, it took time and it’s not all entirely gone.

But, I can say, that small successes do help big.

And just “knowing” HOW to operate in a field is a big plus as well. It adds a layer of confidence that can’t be avoided.

A great way to know how to operate, is the material they taught at the Millionaire Makers Next Generation Seminar.

For instances, as soon as I cash out on one of my notes, I’m going to start looking for a mobile home on land near my area.

There’s a few subdivisions and resident-own-communities that I have my eye on.

I won’t have enough cash for an all-cash purchase… but…

… I have enough confidence to buy it owner financed, because I’ve had enough of those offers accepted in my life time, and I’ve sold plenty of assets seller financed as well.

IF you want to have the confidence to KNOW that you will buy something with little to money, and KNOW that you will buy something in a certain area because you’re determined, have the confidence, and KNOW how to do it…

Then check out the MMTNG seminar video.

An event that cost $500 to attend (not including room and board), all on video with 8 extremely confident and savvy investors with 10 presentations total all on different areas of real estate.

Hover on over with confidence to this link: http://clicks.aweber.com/y/ct/?l=IGAlC&m=gLcwqBbdP5eKTA6&b=UVurutvVcnaoK1DJxOPqRQ

p.s. Andy Teasley the Wizard of Wobbly Boxes may have 1-2 seats left. If you’ll be in Southern CA Jan19th-20th, take his class to learn how to buy, fix and sell mobile homes. I’ll be giving a student presentation on Sunday. Email andythechristmasguy@yahoo.com for details.

Paul do Campo’s views and opinions do not represent the opinions and views of any speaker of MMTNG.
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