(The following is a somewhat, longer than usual, email detailing a conversation I had with an old friend which I think will be useful to you in thinking “outside the box” for life and business)
Yesterday I met with an old friend from high school. He has an interest in real estate and he’s in town so we met for a quick talk and a coffee.

The conversation ended in a topic about “digital real estate”, and building income-producing assets around the lifestyle you desire rather than a narrowed thinking of, “I need to buy rentals to build financial freedom”.

Let me clarify.

Let’s just call my high school buddy, John (he does some high security ‘ish in the military and rather not have his name mentioned), does cyber security, hacking, programing, and data retrieval.

He has an interest in real estate.

I asked a few “why” questions.

Because, when people say they want real estate they sometimes mean they want the flashiness that goes along with it…. and we know there’s no flashiness in what we do.

Well, then we proceeded to think a little outside the box in real estate to build that “why”.

Many think narrowly into rentals; that’s the only way they know to produce a passive income. I however do mobile homes and land.

JOHN: why do you do what you do?

ME: The reason why I do them is because of cash flow and ease of deals.

There’s almost no such thing as a cash flowing SFR (single family residence) in SoCal. But mobile homes will produce that cash flow for you.

Also, it’s a heck of a lot easier to get a deal than find a discount SFR deal.

JOHN: why land?

Well, I want to build my income and business around my desired lifestyle.

With three kids, I desire to not leave the house so much. Land, allows that while I build capital for bigger mobile home deals. (I’m sure that any other asset can do that do you if you think hard enough).

After John showed me what he does on his computer by easily grabbing leaked information of people’s usernames and passwords online (scary stuff), I said this to him:

ME: John, you have an ability that can create income streams and assets through means other than “real” real estate.

You see… real estate is just a means to end. You and I both desire financial freedom. To get there we need a high active income as well as passive income (or you just need a passive income if you desire that freedom later in life).

Passive income and “real estate”, comes in other forms.

People who build software that tailors to the market desires, create for themselves an asset that will produce for them passive income.

There are people I know, that build websites for certain industries and then “rent” out the use of those websites to those industry operators: That is digital real estate.

Take my friend Trevor Mauch, he built a software (he actually had somebody else do it for him), that people pay a monthly fee to him to use – again, digital real estate.

Email lists and mailing lists of customers is a valuable asset for marketers. They (and myself) keep that list backed up in multiple ways, and locked up.

Anyway, you get the point…. “real estate” and passive income can come in many ways.

The first trick is to think outside of the box.

Or as my mentor Andy Teasley says, “There is no box!”.

The second trick to thinking outside of the box…. is laid out in our 3-day video seminar where 8 investors talk about how they buy real estate an extremely creatively ways.

The “trick” (it’s not a trick it’s principle to life), is sprinkled throughout the seminar and if you understand the principles of marketing you’ll see that these experienced investors all understand it without naming it or realizing it….

…. they just do it; they just buy and sell houses using this principle.

Anyway, if you want to find out check out the link here: http://clicks.aweber.com/y/ct/?l=It3XC&m=iAz7ROFunreKTA6&b=7aKNyh_6CxoeHKDY5QkrTw

(if you’re still not sure what principle I’m talking about after buying it, no worries just email me and I’ll explain)

p.s. I didn’t advise John to NOT do real estate and I’m not advising others to do the same, if my email gave you that impression.

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