There’s an adversary in your life that will ruin your dreams and pursuits in real estate.

He lurks behind in the shadows, watching your every move.

Hoping to catch you off guard.

Screwing your daily life up.

Keeping you from accomplishing successful tasks.

Encouraging you to do the wrong things everyday.

This enemy is not fear (although that is a factor to yours and mines procrastination). This enemy is not other investors (by far this is not a factor to your failure). This enemy are not gurus. And it’s not lack of money.

This enemy is you.

You get in your own way more than anything else.

And, the number one way to master yourself (and one of the greatest skills that very successful and influential men have), is self-mastery… also called self discipline.

…. To keep yourself disciplined in your good habits, and keep yourself from betraying your rules and goals.

Yeah I know, sounds cheesy.

But teaching yourself some self discipline takes some work and when achieved at a certain level will mean a domino affect to your success every day for the rest of your life.

It’s as simple as quiten that morning donut when you’ve decided to go on a diet.

How I hammer away at my self-discipline, is by learning one new skill every 21 days straight.

Every 21 days I pick one simple thing to do, (it could be no beer if you wish to give it up like me), and do it (or don’t do it) every day. If I fail to do it one day, I start over again on the calendar.

These simple (but not so simple), mastery skills translate to a more persuasive and influential man.

How you ask?

I’m no physicists, or doctor, but, controlling yourself means that you can control your urges that keep you unproductive… and it means that you continue to grow at a measurable scale without delay. Small little accomplishments also mean better self-image.

So, there’s no end to the benefits of self disciple.

It’ll help you to be more influential, grow, and be less needy in life

Another benefit to it, is it makes you a better house buyer and real estate investor.

There are numerous ways that it does. One is being disciplined enough to not take the shiety deal.

But, there’s one skill that’s far more important than not taking the shiety deal. And it goes hand-and-hand with self-mastery.

And it’s a skill that’s absolutely needed when selling (or buying houses and mobile homes).

It’s a skill that is mastered by the best salesmen and negotiators in the world. It’s found much more naturally in introvert people by the way.

And this skill can get you from struggling with making deals happen, to all the deals you can muster up.

And it’s taught throughout our Millionaire Makers Next Generation series video seminar. Specifically you’ll find it in the Creative Finance Panel seminar, Buddy Broomes presentation, Andy’s Mobile Home class, Andy’s “What you have…” presentation, and A few of Stephen’s flipping presentations.

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