As I was hugging the toilet bowl all last night (no I wasn’t hungover, just a nasty stomach bug), I was contemplating a few things.

These thoughts are mainly a result of some reading I’ve been doing lately like re-reading Think and Grow Rich, The Power of Habit audio, and a golf book called “Golf isn’t a game of perfect” (this golf book has a lot of lessons that translate to business).

Everything centers on belief.

Your ability to close deals… to get things done… to get private money.

As you walk into that REI meet up looking for money, your confidence or lack of it starts in your head.

This goes beyond business:

My son has autism.

It’s not severe. And you might not realize it until you deeply observe him.

But, my wife does a lot of reading on the subject, as well as education (since we have chosen to homeschool him). What we’ve discovered is the traditional way of teaching kids with autism… sucks.

Here’s the scoop: The parents and systems that encourage autistic kids to dream, pursue their vision, and teach them that they aren’t that different to other kids…. they function and fit in with society… they fit in very well once they reach adulthood and are successful.

The systems that suppress the child and put them in a “separate” group, never fit in and always believe they are “autistic” and never advance.

(I imagine these are kids that aren’t SEVERELY autistic… or maybe that just my limited thinking getting in the way again)

Would you believe it?

A simple belief and faith in your ability to achieve greater is the formula.

Those systems install in these kids the belief and faith that they CAN achieve a lot…. and they do.

As I raise my son, I see it. I see how much are belief in him affects his daily life in a positive way.

So, what negative beliefs are holding you back?

Your REI pen pal,

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