Here’s a lesson on real estate success from the Nazi’s-who-invaded-America show

My wife and I binged watched the Amazon Prime show, “Man in the High Castle”. It’s about a world where the Nazi’s won WW2. And the US is split between NAzis and Japanese.

Well, certainly there’s nothing direct about real estate here, but it’s interesting to watch the contrast between the Nazis and Japanese.

Well, there’s a part where the Nazis are testing out a new device to jump parallel worlds, and they send four prisoners into it…

Three vaporize into a pool of blood with only bones and dog tags left.

One actually went through alive.

The main actor, Juliana, who’s been taken prisoner by the Nazis and witnessed the whole thing, responds… “I saw the Nazis fail…”

But, the “head cheese” John Smith, of the Nazi army responded back with… “Great Success is built with failure”

And so it’s true Mr. John Smith. Even for Nazis, they understand what it takes.

I know what you’re saying… nothing new here right?

But, I didn’t really understand this until most recently.

I can sit here all day and tell you that you will most likely fail, but until you do, and until you get through the hardship, you don’t know what it’s REALLY like to persist through the hard times.

And it takes a while to get used to; where your response is emotionless after a set back.

And there are many setbacks.

In November I did a mailing for more property.

Well, in December I got no response.

I was a little upset…. yes of course.

Because I didn’t want to go do another mailing that month and think about what to do differently. But I shrugged it off and moved on.

However, success can sometimes come right after failure… because just recently I got a letter sent back, with a purchase agreement signed. And call from a seller interested in selling…

So keep that all in mind as you pursue success. Don’t let the failure get to you

So, enter a method that reduces increases chances of failure, and get leads where it’s almost guaranteed.

Where you can sit on page one of Google, and stay there, and have motivated sellers online find you. It’s where I got one of my best deals.. with my webpage.

But you have to do it right.

And at they make sure (if you do the work) you can get on page 1, at the top. This is a no-brainer if you’re in mobile homes.

Because hardly anyone has a “we buy mobile homes landing page”. So, climbing to the top is light-years far easier than “we buy houses LA”.

And, thanks to me and my friend Harvey Gronwald, Carrot just came out with new pages just for mobile home investors.

If you sign up with the affiliate link above, send me a message that you did. Because then you’ll have access to a page with more information on marketing and online lead generation that only affiliate CArrot members have access to.

Where, currently, my two $15.99 books on copywriting and marketing are there, and a video to give you a leading edge in Craigslist.

However, here’s your warning, just like everything else, there’s no guarantees in life. You have to put work into it. And, you have to tweak, and get over failure to move to success.

Talk to you soon,

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