Your “why” often get overlooked, passed up in the “now”.

A lot of motivational speakers talk about your “why”; finding out what your “why” is so that you can keep pushing through the tough times. But, I can honestly say that during moments of stress and worry, when I think about my “why’s” I DON’T get a sudden urge of motivation.
In fact, often, I find that moments where I have an opportunity to feel a glimpse of my “why’s”, I pass those up for work, thinking, or worry.
Here’s what I mean… One of my “why’s” is to have more hours available in the week so I can be with my kids more often. Does thinking about being with my kids give my urges of motivation?
Actually, a strange thing often happens: I come home from work. Where I did a good round at my w-2 job AND worked on my business… my kids are always there and they always welcome me with warm hugs eagerly waiting for me to play with them.
(my “why” is staring right at me)
But instead of embracing that moment and devoting 100% of my mind to them. My mind is still on high gear thinking and worrying about work, business, and money. Thinking about how I need to get certain things done… worried that I won’t sell a house… worried about payments coming due… worried that all of this is for nothing…etc, etc (the usual worries of young entrepreneurs).
My “why” is right there… but I stepped right over it.
So, I tried something different instead.
I left every worry/task/thought/lead at the door when I came home. And focused 100% on my kids (my why).
What I found…
It charged me up the next day.
This is a hard habit for me to keep however. Constantly thinking about work has developed into a bad habit.
So, conclusion… Actually DOING the “why’s” now is like getting a glimpse into your future. Whatever that “why” is, work on it NOW (if its somewhat attainable now and hopefully it’s much deeper than money).
So, here’s my “why” as I continue to email regularly to you… and that’s the seminar that I’m literally excited about every time I’m listening to the raw footage. I get excited about buying real estate with creative finance just like some of the educators show you.