I actually tuned into the news yesterday (I usually don’t).

But, something interesting was on that gives a great negotiation lesson.
Recently on the news, Putin went on live and announced the successful testing of some kind of super missile that is undetected and unstoppable by air missile defenses.

Putin mentioned that this is a success towards future potential enemies.

Besides the grand show by Putin, to rub it everyone’s faces, and basically threaten the world… it’s also a smart move.

So, the smart move I’m talking about is getting something when you don’t need it.

It’s where the phrase comes from, “The best time to buy a car is when you don’t need it”.

That’s because being needy is the worst position to be in when negotiating with someone. I’ve been there (and still am sometimes), where you “need” this deal.

Well, you don’t really “need” the deal, unless you have no job (if that’s the case get a job first).

Don’t put yourself in a “needy” position when negotiating. It’s the worst position to be in.

Enter a media that you might not need, but securing yourself in the ranks of Google before you need it can mean extra deal flow.

It’s the internet.

I’m launching an affiliate site, with Investor Carrot as the affiliate product.

A lot of people ask if I got deals of SEO (search engine optimization). And my answer is…

“Yes, one of my best deals was off SEO, specifically I had ( and still have) a Carrot site. If you want to enter into the internet game of lead generation, I can’t recommend Investor Carrot enough.

For my deal, I got it within 3 months of getting my “I buy Mobile homes” site up. And I did the bare minimum work for it. It ranked 1-3 on Google.

Very little people use Carrot for finding mobile home deals.

If you use this link: newoncarrot.com and let me know that you signed up…

You get access to a membership site that I created for marketing online. A site I will continuously update with, material for marketing online.

Yes, Carrot teaches quite a bit for online marketing, and that’s where I got my start… but, I add on all my direct response marketing and copywriting training I’ve been immersed in for the last almost 2 years.

Stuff that Carrot doesn’t really teach.

So, jump on my affiliate link: newoncarrot.com, and let me know that you signed up.

But, fair warning…. like every other marketing avenue, online marketing is not for everyone. It does take some work. More if you’re in a competitive market.

P.s. Carrot just launched sites for buying mobile homes.
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