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Dear Investor,

My name is Paul do Campo, and I’m a mobile home investor and a marketing freelancer, and with Andy Teasley (a 30 year creative real estate investor) we’ve created a platform which brings you good solid and usable education that’s  NOT your typical $15,000 “guru” seminar … even in the form of DAILY emails

In our FREE book, we’ve covered a niche that has been highly profitable for us. Even if you’re not switching into a new niche, learn how to NOT throw away mobile home leads.

The Low Hanging Fruit

This niche has been a life-saver for many investors in hot markets.

I’ve have spent thousands of dollars on direct mail looking for SFR’s to flips but with no luck. When I transitioned to mobiles homes…. it was night and day.

I found motivated sellers in less than a week and got my first deal in 3 months while securing $1,300 of cash flow in less than 6 months.

If you ever wondered how to make money with mobile homes, or tired of throwing away mobile home leads, or struggling to get SFR deals… then this book might be for you.



Paul doCampo

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  • Learn about the strategy to a minimum of $200 a month of cash flow… with no maintenance or tenants
  • The most profitable ways to invest with mobile homes
  • Learn the easiest way to cash flow in real estate (taught by an ex-carnival owner), that DOESN’T require tens of thousands of dollars…. just a little bit of work and hustle.
  •  How struggling investors go from 0 deals to 3 deals in three months
  • How you can get 50%-80% or more Return on your money – sounds too good to be true. But, when mobile homes cost only $5,000-$60,000 and can cash flow $200-$800… then the numbers don’t lie
  • Every way you can make money with trailers (including developing land) 
  •  An introduction to Note Investing – The main income source of high level old-school bankers and lenders like JP Morgan, and the stars of “Shark-Tank”
  • Learn the basics of Note investing – The tried and true formula for the most passive income anyone can get. 
  •  The pros and cons to each strategy
  •  7 of the most effective ways to profit off mobiles
  • How mobiles homes are the low hanging fruit in real estate
  • Learn how you can start your REI journey with only $5,000

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Trevor Mauch

Founder and owner of Investor Carrot

“I wanted to reach out to let you know how much I appreciate you [Paul] working with us this past year or so and how much we’ve valued your work. It’s been awesome seeing you grow as a writer”

Aaron Hoos

Worlds exclusive real estate investing copywriter.

“I subscribed a while ago and I don’t always get a chance to read every one but they are great! “

Mike Blankenship

Blogger, entrepreneur, and content strategist for Investor Carrot

“The book is packed with info”

Maggie Hartwick

Mobile home investor at Destiny Home Resources

“I am only six months out and have already completed two mobile home purchases, one note, and have three more purchases coming up very shortly.

Andy and MMNG have definitely changed my life for the better and I can’t thank Andy enough for the time, information, and support he has provided!”

Steve Seftel

Mobile Home Investor

“I enjoy reading your articles and they have helped me to get a feel for what I could probably expect.”

David Montano

RE Broker and Investor. Empire Real Estate Solutions. BRE #01994634 | NMLS Personal #1339340 | NMLS Company #1687955

“I highly suggest you tune out all the shiny diamond courses from gurus teaching concept and not real life strategies, and listen and apply what these speakers have to say.”

Robert Gervin


“First of all, I would like to say that I really appreciate the emails. Very good food for thought”