Andy and I have agreed to NOT send you fancy guru stuff.

I want to send you hard information with some entertainment in each email.
Not your typical “Hey look at me and my house I’m remodeling and how boring this content is and has no value to you” email.
Andy wants QUALITY education in front of people.
Not from people who YouTube themselves with their rented Ferrari and fake $25,000 Wholesale checks on the laps telling you to sign up to there $5,000 seminar (which is just the teaser for their $25,000 seminar) on how to buy and sell real estate (which is just a big show on how to get all the credit cards you apply for and to buy real estate with it).
Andy and I are sending you material from real investors who’ve been around the block a few times. Creative old school guys who actually have legitimate stories of buying real estate like no other.
So, in store for us:
You’ve probably heard of Andy’s event coming up, packed with info to get your creative juices rolling for a low price and a weekend vacation in Vegas.
Also, in a few weeks, I’ll have a video (probably a 15-hour video) of the 2017 MMNG event LOADED with information you can put to test on day one of watching it. This isn’t the typical seminar you buy and throw it on the bookshelf for later. This is something to consume regularly, for conditioning your mind to have the same thought process and mindset as these guys on stage.
Anyway, keep a look out for those things, my “infotaining” emails, and non-guru material that will serve you a lifetime.