You as a small-time real estate investor have a big edge over the big-time investor cranking deals every month.

And it goes back to basics of marketing that I learned from the famous (and one of the greatest copywriters and marketers known) Eugene Schwartz.

The essence of marketing looks like a bridge from your service to your seller. And the good marketer/salesman bridges that gap between the service and the seller.
That bridge isn’t cash offers.
You’re not selling cash offers.
You’re selling what that cash offer does; freedom, leadership, confidence, ease of pain, monthly income, a way out, avoidance of pain, etc.
Digging deep into what the prospect fears and desires is the start of that bridge. And the end of that completed bridge is your product/service fulfilling the TRUE desires of your prospect.
If you’re running around promoting just a cash offer, then the prospects you’re chasing are ONLY interested in price.
You don’t want to chase those sellers.
You need to go after and help those who have a much deeper desire than the cash.
This is how you, the small-time investor has the advantage over the big home buyer.
When I was writing copy for high-end clients (I’m talking about guys doing 10-20 plus deals a month), there was only ONE function they can really advertise. They can’t speak to each individual seller to dig into what their true desires are.
Motivational situations are all different and the sellers’ desires and solutions are all going to be different.
┬áThe big home-buyer can’t meet individual situation with custom solutions. They can only really advertise ONE type of solution (whether it be speed of closing, fast offer, top price, or just a generic mechanics of a service i.e. “cash-offer”).
You on the other hand can individually build that bridge for each seller by prying into what they really need and creating a custom, creative solution for that seller and win over more creative deals over the guy cranking out volume.
Enter the seminar Andy and I are editing.
A course on creative real estate investing.
It’ll be done in 2 in a half weeks, and the pre-sale with a HUGE discount will be available in a few days.
Here’s a sample of the video (NOTE: it still being worked up so the title and “credits” will be changed)