I was once asked to help someone a analyze a deal.

I declined, and directed him towards someone who would be more help (I had no idea, the deal was not in my area and was an auction).

Let this be on record… I’m not a coach, an expert in REI, or a guru.
I can give some advice on mobile home investing since that’s what I do have some experience in. I can give some advice on lead generation. And I can give a lot of advice on marketing and copywriting. I can give some advice on mind-set and business.
And that’s what these emails will encompass: Tid-bits that you can use everyday on your business or life. I think a whole lot on how I can bring content to you. And, lessons are found everyday, and in completely unrelated industries.
And that’s all free.
But what I will be selling, is not me coaching, but the actual experts-of-experts in REI. (The guys who’ll run circles around the fancy, up-selling, guru’s on stage).
So, the video for the 2017 seminar of Millionaire Makers will be available in 2 in a half weeks. But I’ll actually be selling it at a huge discount to you first before it’s launched.
Here’s a sample: https://youtu.be/xfAKwh9sHXk
p.s. if you haven’t already, try and figure out the problems that Andy sent you and if you have trouble please email him he’ll be happy to help