Don’t let your mind, your ads, or your business be like the old grumpy employee who never asks but complains all the time.
Let’s call him Senor S. He’s a fellow co-worker I worked with, and has been working for the same company his whole life; absolutely nothing wrong with that mind you.
But what is wrong with it all, is that he hates everything.
He comes to work dragging his feet, avoids us, complains about someone or the company constantly, and constantly hates his situation like other guys taking the overtime (even though he has the most OT), getting the crappy jobs, getting the new laborers, etc.
The funny thing is, when he doesn’t like the job he’s getting, the laborer he’s stuck with, or that he didn’t get his OT this week… he doesn’t ask management.
He just drags his feet to the job, grumbling to himself.
He breaks the first rule of getting what you want in life.
Ask, ask ,ask the Question!
 Asking THE question (even if it appears to be the dumb) is the way to get want you want… to figure out how motivated your seller is… to figure out what the seller desires/needs… and yes (in the marketing world) to write a winning ad.
In direct response marketing there is a principle that directly applies to real estate. And that’s to never assumes the prospect knows what to do next.
They don’t know what to do next even if it’s pretty blatant.
You have to hold their hand and guide them through the ad (through the selling process) to get to their solution.
The worst thing you can do to your ad (or your seller appointment), after you just got them all hot with your needed product is to not give them clear detailed instructions of what to do next.
Even things as simple as “click this button to get a free consultation”, instead of “Free consultation” has been shown to increase response dramatically.
In real estate, this is you taking leadership and guiding the prospect. And that’s exactly what you’re selling to a motivated seller, is leadership.
Asking the question is the theme of the “Millionaire Makers the Next Generation” seminar along with getting creative with deals, selling leadership rather than cash offers, learning how to buy and sell notes, mobile homes, and leveraging your IRA to triple or even quadruple your gains almost entirely tax free, and a few others concepts.
Anyway, that seminar is almost ready to be shipped with your order I give it a week or two.
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