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How to Calculate Notes & Yields

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Oct. 24-25th 2020

          Andy Teasley, (20 year creative real estate investor), and known in Southern California as “The Wizard of Wobbly Boxes”, is teaching a full weekend course on Note Based Investing. If you don’t know what “Note Based Investing” it’s one of the most passive methods of real estate investing possible; cash flow with no toilets, tenants or turnover. 

In this class, you’ll start with the basic instruction of the HP10bii financial calculator (the tool every investor should know and that can save you from buying a BAD deal) 

  • You learn about the 5 buttons on the calculator that will change the way you look at every transaction. 
  • Learn how notes work and how to earn large returns based on negotiating minor details on notes. 
  • Learn how you can overpay for a rental by 1000% and STILL have the deal cash flow
  • Learn the easy way anyone can earn 35% using the “Ten fir Twelve” Technique 
  • Learn how to tell is you lender is ripping you off,
  • Learn how to build towards a comfortable retirement using a self directed SoloK/IRA
  • Learn how buying a “subject to”, “lease options” & “Wraps” can accelerate your wealth growth
Then on Sunday, we will break down the financial, structural and negotiation strategies of mobile home investing (The hidden Gem of Cash Flow that very few people know about) 
  • Learn how to earn double digit income with discounted notes through mobile home investing
  • Learn how to bargain mobile homes to flip
  • Learn powerful negotiating techniques
  • Presentations by Successful Prior Students
  • Learn a Structure that provides UNENDING, INFINITE, WEALTH

This will be a Zoom class with students of all levels.
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