Here’s another inspiring story from the reading material I’ve been gathering…

Have you ever heard of Michael Phelps? Maybe you haven’t?

World Record breaker for fastest swimmer? Multiple Gold Medal winner?

Anyway, I’m sure he’s much more familiar than my lousy sarcasm. But I just recently discovered that he won his big world record…


Yeah, story goes that during the finals, his goggles filled up with water completely. Which made it impossible to see.

He couldn’t see how many strokes he had left, he couldn’t see if he was going straight, or when to give his final burst, or when his last stroke till the wall.

So, how did he do it?

It was through “vision”.

This has a lot to do with real estate believe me.

Michael realized that he wouldn’t be able to see half way through the race.

Instead of panicking, he relaxed, and started counting his strokes.

As a pro, he’s done this so much he knows how many strokes it takes. He knows at what stroke to give his final burst.

So, he kept at it. One stroke at a time, going back to his training.

He was nearing his final strokes (he was still timing everything) when he gave his last burst. He can hear the crowd cheer but he has no idea if they’re cheering for him or someone else that won.

He gave what he believed was his last stroke, touched the wall, took off his goggles, looked up at the scoreboard and saw next to his name:

WR… (world record).

That was his big breakthrough race.

He was able to do this because of not just the daily practice… but also he reported, everyday before bed and when he woke, he visualized a successful race.

He trained mind and body to create an automatic race. Where he doesn’t have to think so much.

When you’re new, you do a lot of thinking. Your brain goes crazy with all the hamsters spinning their wheels, rationalizing to you how you can’t do it, or how you should do it.

But experienced investors don’t actually think that much about it. They just know where to find the deals and they close without much thinking.

You’ll reach that once you finally START making deals. And then it’s like a domino effect. But it starts with one deal at a time. Even if they are tiny deals.

If you want to see experienced pros at work, teaching you how to tie up deals, how to create cash flowing assets, how to find deals, and how to leverage your IRA for maximum return…

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