I’m exhausted.

Not from work.

But, from assembling together my kids Christmas toys.

Yeah, they’re wee bit spoiled. But, it’s Christmas after all and we have a large family.

But, even though their grandparents spoil them on this day, one thing we are going to incorporate into our family tradition, is picking out a gift for those less fortunate than us.

God knows the world is a mess, and needs the humanity.

So, as you build your residual income-streams and build your lifestyle the way you want it, don’t forget about the little ones, or whatever other causes and charities that drive you to give.

And start now. Not when you have “enough”.

And if you don’t have a plan for that income and lifestyle…. well better get going on it. Others in the world need it.

Despite what Leftist say, the world need’s capitalists and wealth creators… and many of them.

Yeah, there’s the Scrooges, the Mr. Potters, the Grinches, and the Krampus’ in life.

But, for every one Mr. Potter, there’s 10 other wealthy entrepreneurs ready to give.

Speaking of Mr. Potter, if you paid attention to my email yesterday I spoke about poor ol’ George Bailey from the movie “It’s a Wonderful life”, and how he’s a living example of what NOT to do if you wish to have security and wealth in life.

Well, there’s something else an email subscriber pointed out to me.

Andy Teasley mentioned how the Building and Loan business that George has, is very familiar to his own real estate portfolio of notes… or at least the structure of it. Not the bankruptcy of it.

In the movie “It’s a Wonderful life”, George (the main character), had a father who created a business called “Building and Loan”.

The purpose of it was to provide people with affordable loans to own their own house.

Regardless if you disagree with the political ramifications of that noble philosophy (most people CAN’T afford their own house IMHO)… it COULD have been a good little portofolio for George to live off if done right.

If George’s father set it up, so that a little bit more interest was added to the loans and he sold them at a premium price…

… George would have been set for life.

All those $5,000-$20,000 loans (this was the 30’s), making George mailbox money…

…. while he vacationed when he wanted, helped the town freely with no stress of finances, and did what he wanted.

Monthly Mailbox money is the way to go to build a hefty portfolio with no tenants, toilets, or turnover.

And, it doesn’t take much to get started early.

And it won’t take you very long (It took me a year and half to get to almost $2k per month)

So, if you want to learn how to do this… I can’t recommend Andy Teasley’s class enough.

It’s what I took and what turned me around from a struggling wholesaler trying to find deals for minimum wage.

This shout-out is of no benefit to me BTW.

It’s just my “gift” on Christmas letting you know of probably the most inexpensive class you can take that will mean a quick start to your income and portfolio.

If you’re in Southern CA during Jan. 19th-20th then check out the details of the event here: www.millionairemakersnextgen.com/events

Or just email AndyTheChristmasguy@yahoo.com

Building yourself a residual income stream and charitable giving is the best way to combat these “Scrooge’s” and Mr. Potters.

Merry Christmas

p.s. if you’re not anywhere near So Cal, I will have a 2-3 hour video and audio of Andy’s condensed version available.

Or… if you just want to buy the motherload package with 8 creative investors like Andy who teach you the essence of mailbox money, then get take mail yourself down first class to this link: www.millionairemakersnextgen.com/mmtng

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