I spoke to a customer of MMTNG the other day and I gave him a little advice (this is an add-on bonus when you purchase the 3-day video seminar at full price).

He’s looking to purchase a mobile home by the summer.

Which is very doable.

We spoke about setting small attainable goals every week. And this is something I routinely talk about.

When I first started in REI, I used to have these huge goals that all the big gurus used to talk about, “Have BIG unattainable goals” they would say.

But that just sets you up for misery.

Instead of setting big goals and forgetting about them… set small bite size goals every week to reach your big goal.

It’s something that has changed my output and results in my business.

Have your bigger goals, then break it down.

Here are my bigger goals for 2019:

1. Build my email list to 2,000
2. Sell 12 land parcels
3. Have 12 new audio interviews
4. Add on at least $600 of cash flow from one mobile home deal

Well, now I have to break that down into attainable goals:

1. Joint venture at least one a month while running PPC for 150 new optins a month (if I can hit 150 a month, i’ll have either change the goal, or change the plan to increase my leads).

2. Buy 1 property a month (notice I said “Buy” rather than “sell”. That’s because I can control buying land fairly easy. I can’t control selling. I can’t make people buy from me. But I can market every day if I own a property)

3. Pitch to interview someone every month until I get an interview every month.

4. Farm my chosen park for a large, newer, higher retail priced, mobile home.

So there you have it, those are my 2019 goals. Boring huh? Well, success is not sexy. It’s actually boring.

So, have you broken down your goals?

Are you reaching for a huge number at the end of the year? Big numbers are ok. But you have to have a plan to reach them.

A plan makes all the difference.

If you’re new, than lead generation is probably your biggest obstacle right now (you’ll get more comfortable later where lead generation isn’t that difficult.)

So, make weekly goals like: cold call 10 FSBO ads, send out 200 mailers, door knock 50 doors, follow up with 10 old sellers.

These you can do, and check off your list. And when you do them, and you don’t buy a property that month, you’re less disappointed because you at least did the work you set out to do.

Get started and put in the weekly work.

Speaking of goals… my good friend and mentor Andy Teasley has a big goal of owning a mini mobile home park.

Yes, mini mobile home park. This is where you own individual lots with a mobile home.

His goal is to own 22 spaces total. Which he’s been focused on achieving; Farming a specific area to purchase 22 spaces where he owns the lot, then he sells the mobile home on payments and leases out the lot.

It’s an awesome cash flow strategy and is something I’m going to start getting involved with as well.

You’re in luck, because Andy is teaching his profitable ways, here in SoCal in Palm Desert on January 20th. If you’re around, you shouldn’t miss it.

Email him andythechristmasguy@yahoo.com for info

Or check out the site: www.millionairemakersnextgen.com/events

p.s. if you’re not going to be around for Andy’s class… and you’d like to learn about how to buy and sell mobile homes and buy with very little money, check out our motherload 3-day seminar: www.millionairemakersnextgen.com/mmtng

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