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Dear Investor,

My name is Paul do Campo, and I’m a mobile home investor and a marketing freelancer, and with Andy Teasley (a 30 year creative real estate investor) we’ve created a platform which brings you good solid and usable education that’s NOT your typical $15,000 “guru” seminar... even in the form of DAILY emails.
In our FREE book, we’ve covered a niche that has been highly profitable for us. Even if you’re not switching into a new niche, learn how to NOT throw away mobile home leads.
Subscribing above leads you down a rabbit hole of creative real estate investing. Yes, you’re first free offer is a book on Mobile Home Investing, but we cover a wide range of topics in real estate investing, business, and marketing.

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  • Every way you can make money with trailers (including developing land)
  • You can become the bank... the most passive investment you can find
  • How mobile investing is an entry level strategy for almost all REI strategies
  • The pros and cons to each strategy
  • 7 of the most effective ways to profit off mobiles
  • How mobiles homes are the low hanging fruit in real estate
ANDY Teasley

The Wizard of Wobbly Boxes

30 years of Real Estate Investing experience in mobile home investing, fix-n-flip, rentals, notes, and misc. business. His goal: to bring "non-guru" equality REI education back into the industry

Andy Teasley, Founder

Marketing and Development

A student of AndyTeasleys and an investor. Uses his experience in freelance copywriting and marketing to take "Millionaire Makers Next Generation" online.

Paul do Campo, Marketer

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mobile home investing
Bill Tan

Pioneer note investor since the 80's. Runs LAREIA

mobile home investing
Kaaren Hall

Expert in Self-Directed IRA's. Founder of U-Direct

Stephen Mckee

Founder of Community Restoration Group and IEREI. Owns a scaled Fix-and-Flip business in Southern CA.