As I RV through Oregon, I’ve been staying at different camp sites.

The one that struck me as odd, was a County park in Roseburg,OR. Right when I drove in, my excitement dropped.
I had to drive underneath some railroad tracks, There was hardly anyone staying in the park, the 2-3 RV’s in the park looked liked they were permanent residents, the park was unkempt… basically…
It was an ugly park.
It actually reminds me of mobile home investing.
At first sight, I regretted booking this place. If I knew that it looked like this I wouldn’t have booked it.
But later, my attitude of it took 180 degrees. There was a hidden Gem about in this park that I loved…
There was a back forest and river trail that belonged to the people staying at the park. And it wasn’t just a small trail. You can walk up alongside the entire river if you wanted.
And, there was hardly anybody.
That’s what I found in Mobiles. Hardly anyone there especially compared to wholesaling or flipping single family.
Many motivated sellers, but few investors to offer help. At first sight it’s an ugly investment.
But the hidden gem is the massive ROI.
ROI is easily calculated with a financial calculator. But practice makes perfect.
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