I missed yesterday’s email because I didn’t get home until 1 am from the local REIA, which gave me a “restful” sleep of 4 hours.

But, I’m here to tell you about the doom and gloom, economic presentation at the LA REIA and my take.

So here is a quick recap:

*The global economy is a mess; every global bank has their hands down others banks’ pants while stealing from the back pocket (somehow this screws up our economy, I’m not entirely sure how)

*Interest rates are up

*People can’t afford to live here.

*The rich and famous are high taling out of CA in Droves.

*Less buyers are in the scene

*Longer Days on Market

*Sellers are unusually optimistic about their price

*The investor market is highly saturated (In 2007, When people were talking about real estate investing while waiting in the grocery line… It means it’s time to get out)

All this, is actually not something to be worried about (at least not for mobile home and note investors).

Because Kathy Kramer had these suggestions:

1. Buy notes (like she does)…. (or create them like I do)
2. Go out of state but be cautious (not recommended by the smart folks)
3. Hold on to cash (The dollar is strong, you can always wait out the storm)
4. invest in the affordability industry (tiny homes, ADU’s, mobile homes)

2 out of 4 suggestions are what we do as mobile home investors.

During a recession, people are looking for affordable places to live. And you can provide it by offering financed mobile homes.

Plus, you secure yourself a note (with the payments being made to you) and are now a note investor… good job.

This formula is recession proof.

Because, when SHTF, you’re the lender and have a home that is highly desirable, and you don’t have hard money lenders pounding on your door about the recent flip that just went down 20% that no one is buying and you have over $2,000 of holding costs per month to pay up.

Anyway, if you’d like to learn about this type of investing, I can’t recommend the Wizard of Wobbly boxes class enough if you’re going to be in Southern CA in January 19th-20th…. I’ll be giving a presentation on one of my mobile home deals.

Just email andythechristmasguy@yahoo.com for more info

If not, I do have his class (shorter version but good enough to start) on video. Plus in this video you can learn how to invest in notes with the big time So Cal note investor Gerald Lemoine.

Go here before the next real estate crash: www.millionairemakersnextgen.com/mmtng
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