I had an email come in the other day, he had said “unsubscribe, too much fluff”.
Because I’m open-minded and to give him a chance, I politely responded back asking what he meant by that… Well, no response.
But my guess is, that I probably don’t teach enough hard content.
Well, other than the fact that I give a FREE 10,000 word book with a ton of hard content, every email has at least one take-away, and the event that I link is at a ridiculous price and loaded with hard-arse content…
It’s true, I don’t do that much hard teaching,
Because, other than fact that I’m not an unpaid teacher, and I don’t labor away daily to teach a load of stuff for free…
I value investment-mind set over opportunity-mind set…. and so should you.
Opportunity minded seekers look for the next big “thing”, going from one shiny object to the other (I’ve been there, I know how it is), and, they usually love FREE information.
The opportunity mind set is driven by the need to have something. If that person does end up buying something and they don’t see the purchase as an investment, that piece of information gets tossed to the side, never to be opened, consumed or used. That’s why seeking out free information is not a good investment (you put no money or time into it).
Its been said, it’s better to read 10 books 10 times than to read 100 books 1 time.
Anyway, a better investment than looking for daily “how-to’s” … is learning how to use the financial calculator.
Bill Tans financial calculator class is pretty awesome and people go to his class multiple times because it’s a great investment… he’s teaching this year with Andy at the event link below.
Another good investment… learning how to flip mobiles from Andy Teasley. And not just once, but going over it multiple times.
Another good investment… Learning how to “blow” up your IRA in that you can literally (with some hard work and good investments) become a millionaire through your IRA with $2,000 to start and few years for that to compound immensely .
Anyway, that’s my free take away for today.
If it’s “fluff” and not enough free hard teaching, there’s probably an article out there on “11 ways to become a millionaire” that you can get for free and they’ll leave you hanging with no daily reminder of the principles (not tactics) that I give away daily…. and the unsubscribe button on the bottom.
Here’s the link to some hard teaching that’ll be a good investment of your time: