How does one grow to become a consistent successful entrepreneur?

How do some make it and others don’t?
What I think, and what I’ve witnessed… its consistency; do the right thing long enough; showing up everyday.
Over the course of the week I’ve been traveling on a road trip with my family through Oregon. And “consistency” was a topic of discussion with my friend Trevor Mauch who I visited while up in Oregon. He’s scaled up an online business called Investor Carrot.
But he can’t rely on his own consistency, his mind is often all over the place (except for his consistent mission in life which is solid as a rock). So he has to rely on others, his team which is the key to his consistent success.
Now, we all can’t have a team of over 20 people like him. But, we can have some others to relyon for consistent improvement.
Enter Andy Teasley’s “What if” problems.
He and I believe that if you’re to be good with that little “dull”, “un-sexy” tool he teaches, you must practice regularly.
People forget how to use certain features on the financial calculator. I know it seems dull, and maybe a waste of time.
But when you’re there in front of a sellers house trying to come up with different scenarios on your financial calculator you’re going to wish you knew it like the back of your hand.
Imagine being able to solve some tough problems for your seller only using a financial calculator.
So, if you want Andy to send you financial problems to solve and get your creative juices running, there’s two ways (actually three)
– Sign up at the Facebook group at (him and I will be posting the questions for interaction there.
– Sign up at his list which he only send “what if” problems at
– Or… stay on this list. Because every time he sends it out, I’ll be forwarding it you.
P.s. Speaking of consistency, with the little time I have while on vacation (weird to think that I have little time to work while on vacation) I’ve been consistently waking up 2-3 hours before the family to work on the Millionaire Makers Next Generation Seminar that will be ready for you soon at a discounted price.