Here’s summary of a presentation I saw at a REIA.

A fellow whos a full-time investor gave a powerpoint presentation on how he flips houses in Southern CA. It was mainly on the after pictures which everyone loves (which were some pretty sweet after-photos)

But that gentleman does something that is very smart and even genius.

Before he starts on his project he asks the question, “what is the buyer going to like?”.

Simple question right? Maybe even a “duh!” question… but too many don’t do this. He focuses his project on the end buyer and not on his budget or what he likes.

That is direct response marketing; that is what all the old school copywriters and marketer would preach, “build your product to the buyer”.

Now, a caveat is that he was fixing luxury homes.

Can’t really be done with mobile homes.

Or can it?

Well, In my eBook (which if you’ve been on my list for a while you might already have it), “Inner Secrets of Mobile home Investing” I do go over a small detail that does show you how to build your “product” to the end buyer…

(HINT: it’s not about what color countertops).

But, it is more about how you scope out the area… and uses a strategy that means almost triple digit returns (starts of on page 19)

You can pick up this small but stacked book here:
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