Money is ALWAYs attracted to speed… like my 40-year old ex-co-worker with the rotted out teeth who never got off the speed pipe… so should you be with getting deals.
I remember my first deal, in hindsight, it wasn’t a good deal. But I mainly did it to just get the deal.
Well, something happens when you do you first… first of anything really… And that’s it starts a domino effect; where deals/leads start coming in more often, much easier than you anticipated.
That’s why, just getting something out there is more important than perfect. (BTW, This especially true in online marketing). Perfect is almost never going to happen.
So what, you don’t know exactly what to say with a seller?
You don’t have the purchase agreement (just write it on a napkin… I’m serious… Andy in his class teaches you to have the seller write it out for you)?
You don’t know what to do if you get a deal?
You don’t have the contractors lined up?
Go out there and find deals anyway.
Money is attracted to speed.
Not perfection.
Afraid of losing out on the opportunities because you weren’t ready? That’s nonsense. Getting out there is the best action to attain perfection and more opportunities.
Of course, everyone needs some kind of training:
If it’s mobile homes you’re interested in, this is the only training you need… there’s The Wizard Wobbly Box class you can take in a week in Vegas.
It’s just a couple hundred dollars more than what his regular class but it covers a lot more… like how to get real savvy with a financial calculator… how to start your million dollar retirement with only $2,000 (I wish I took this a year ago)… and how to buy items as expensive as diamond rings by just trading stuff.
P.S. I’m getting an info-packed seminar with the top real estate investors in SoCal edited and ready to sell in a few weeks. Two weeks before I’ll be selling it at a big discount to my list.