I’ve been there and seen it several times… Where investors are having this long “scientific” discussion on what works better: Handwritten vs typed envelopes, yellow letters vs typed letter, red ink vs black ink, etc, etc.
And these conversation will go and on and on with no end .
… it’s like listening to a conversation about tupperware
And… it’s such a waste of time.
Because that stuff doesn’t matter.
 It especially doesn’t matter if yellow letters worked the best with some guy in the midwest and you’re out here SoCal. Don’t get bogged down with the wrong questions that’ll leave you running in circles (God knows I’ve been there trying to figure out DM)
As a copywriter, direct mailer, real estate investor, and online marketer, Here’s my quick tip if you’re doing DM (or selling anything at all, Even buying houses)…
… knowing the market is 1,000,000 times more important than what color envelope to send.
Like… Learning how aware the market is of your service/business (they probably see the “we buy houses” message everywhere)…. Where is the real estate market at (hot? Seller market? Buyer market? Competitors?)… what type of situation are you targeting(tax default, estate sales, divorce, elderly with free-n-clear)?
If your worried about losing money and want to get it just right… then don’t send. Do something worth more of your time, like Door Knock… where you’ll learn a ton about your market.
Even better advice…
Narrow down to a niche.
Trying to compete in a uber-competitive market will leave you pulling your hair out and having a looong learning curve.
Niche down to something less competitive where you can also narrow in on your target market/location.
– Mobile homes (in a park or on land)
– Notes (specific types)
– Tax liens
– Add-value projects
There’s a whole lot more out there. It’s just learning about them and trying.
Speaking of niches… Andy and I will have the seminar from last year ready for purchase soon. It has 3 niche speakers, a financial calculator course (you absolutely need the financial calculator), an IRA class, learning how to find deals course, a title class, and a few others.
For the first 3-5 days I’ll be practically giving it away at that price once we launch it.
In the meantime. Check out any old emails and even a couple of articles I wrote here: