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From the desk of Andy Teasley

The original idea behind Millionaire Makers Next Generation was to bring the creative real estate educators “of old” to today. 

Too many of the world-class investors have either passed away or are too elderly to teach anymore. 

These world-class investors are people like: Jack Miller, Peter Fortunato, Lonnie Scruggs, Warren Harding, Barney Zick, Ward Hanigan, Richard Reno, Bob Steele, Clyde Wilson, and Jimmy Napier.

These investors I consider my mentors in life, business, and of course real estate. And not only me, but some of the best investors I know learned under some or all of these as well. Unfortunately, some of them are no longer with us, some don’t teach any more, or they hardly teach. So, the teachings of the great are starting to fade away.

Instead of world-class creative investing educators I grew up with, we have been bombarded with fancy seminars with no substance, self-proclaimed guru’s that teach all tactics and no fundamentals, and viciously expensive seminars that are only there to upsell you to another expensive seminar.

 That’s why it’s my mission to bring back the teachings of these that have helped me get to where I’m at; teaching rather than guru selling on stage. 

Mobile home investing just happens to be one of my expertise. And I believe that in today’s market, its one of the better investments. It’s a niche market where very few investors are meddling, it’s the un-sexy asset that turns away many investors that can help these motivated sellers, it can offer not only huge returns on investment, but it’s the low hanging fruit for new investors, and there are many exit strategies.

I hope you enjoy what we have to offer. Every year we come out with events highlighting some guest speakers. I teach my mobile home investing course, and we offer many inexpensive training videos.
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Andy Teasley
Founder of Millionaire Makers Next Generation

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