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Andy Teasley is a self-described “Serial Entrepreneur” he has built and run many small to medium sized businesses in the last 40 years.  Along the way he has always had an interest in real estate investing as the best way to build long lasting wealth.  Raised by a teacher and a CPA he has always felt the need to pay forward the learning he has received in his life. 

Being a “seminar junkie” he has had training by lots of instructors, he took his first “guru” real estate seminar in 1980 with Lone Young Grey and uses his experience at these seminars to hone his teaching skills and to try to divert new investors into a local REIA instead of the high priced guru system.

He has invested in many areas of real estate as the cycles have changed and at the peak of the past buying frenzy had an interest in over 50 doors as a buy and hold investor.  He publishes a free weekly newsletter called “The Weekly What If?” which contains calculator practice problems and upcoming vetted education. 

He has flipped dozens of mobile homes to create discounted notes and is currently focused on his “Single space mobile home parks”   He occasionally offers classes on operating the HP10bii financial calculator and on flipping mobile homes. He lives near Palm Springs and is a California Native.