The other day I got fooged over by Facebook.

They blocked my ad posting.

You see, I do a lot of ad posting on Facebook with buy and sell groups and the marketplace to sell any vacant land I have.

And, a lot of mobile home investors and land investors do the same.

But, one day they decided to pull the plug on me and block any new ads in buy and sell groups.

That frustrated the heill out of me. Especially when FB was a major source of buyer leads.

So what did I do?

I stopped relying FB.

Because relying on only one source of ANYTHING can be dangerous.

If your business is being held up by one person, or all your leads come from one place, or all your acquisitions come from one wholesale, or all your sales go to one agent, all your income comes from one source….

… your entire business could be wiped out if that one thing is pulled from under you.

Case in point:

15 years ago, businesses were making hand-over-fist by just writing nonsense content everyday that had no value but had all the key words implanted in it every other word (ex. : “I like to buy you house. if you want to sell your house, I want to buy your house because we will buy your house. We buy houses for cash.”).

Even, though the content wasn’t very good, Google still ranked these business at top page even top position because they many keywords laced throughout the content.

But one day, Google changed the rules on them overnight.

They decided that only meaningful content that is not spammy will get ranked.

Well, most of the businesses dropped like flies – literally overnight

They relied SOLEY on google for their business. They were lost when Google left them at the alter, they didn’t know what to do afterwards.

And this is happening in REI.

Not with the internet, but with sources like mail and bandit signs.

As markets shift. wholesalers stick with the same yellow letters (the same technique) with the same strategy but with no avail.

Once a successful campaign, now a sluggish one.

Enter their problem: they study and learn techniques rather than principles.

They think, “ok, what color pen should I use on my #10 envelope?” “Or maybe I should use a different envelope”. Then they start asking, Bigger Pocket forums (to people in completely different States and markets), “What’s your response rate on yellow letters?” (as if the color of a freakin letter matters how well you do in business)

Techniques can get you somewhere short term, but if you don’t know the principles you won’t last.

A master of principles is Andy Teasley – A mentor of mine and a master of Marketing without all the bells and whistles.

If you’d like to own a video copy of his seminar that he put together with other masters in REI that goes in depth about principles in buying and funding Real estate, then visit the link below to watch a sample clip of Andy with a panel of other Creative masters.