Do you get slightly envious (even jealous) when you see others succeed?

Do you even sometimes wish failure on people who succeed before you do?

I don’t remember where I read this… but this is actually a common thing among entrepreneurs.

And if I have had these feelings and disturbing thoughts, then I know others do to. And, the deep rooted problem is actually keeping you from success.

But, I’ve figured out why I had these thoughts and how to correct them.

This “little Harmless” mindset is killing any positive advancement in your endeavors… it’s keeping your from making more deals… getting capital… and getting breakthrough ideas.

It’s a mindset that’s opposite of the wealthy.

The reason why you (and me), are thinking that way… is because you believe there is a limit to successes, deals, and money.

Having that in your subconscious kills your advancements, because deep down inside you are needy when you approach sellers (and neediness kills deals)… deep down inside you don’t truly believe that you can make it (because you think there’s a limit)…. deep down inside, you think getting capital is limited because very few people want to give YOU any money.

All from a little envy.

Bottom line is: you don’t have a mindset of abundance… yet.

And that needs to be reversed if you want more deals, more success and more money.

Instead of feeling envious when others do something well… you should feel praise for that person, because you should know that there’s plenty of success to go around.

There’s no limits…. only abundance.

I have had these envious thoughts (I won’t lie to you).

I realized how damaging they were.

So, I set forth to reverse it. By simply writing on index cards: “There’s is an abundance of deals and money in the world” and looking at it throughout the day.

Laying one on my office, on my nightstand, in my pocket, throughout the house. Write a new index card every night and lay it somewhere.

I know it sounds silly, but it works.

It’s using the same principles from the book “Think and Grow Rich”.

Speaking of persuading, I’m not ashamed of selling something (and neither should you), so if you struggle in the arena of “persuasion”, the book I highly recommend is Jim Camps “Start with No”.

A must read.

IF you’re looking for a more hands on approach a video for real estate investors on how to be a savvy acquirer of real estate using creative approaches… then our 3-day video series is must as well.

You can check it out here:

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