Let me introduce to you Jim Camp.

He was considered the world’s greatest negotiator.

FBI built their system around him and education systems like Harvard made his teachings mandatory.

I’m bringing him up because I’ve been on a binge listening to the audios I have of him (a 4 hour interview conducted by Michael Senoff an audio info marketer).

There’s a lot of “tactics” and “techniques” being asked like, “what technique do you use on people who are not responsive with your negotiation techniques”…. (audience questions that miss the point of Jim Camps teachings)

And Jim always responds the same way to these type of questions…

(I paraphrase) “Well that’s a tactical question which means if that’s happening you’re not fulfilling your purpose and mission… you haven’t done your homework and you’re not able to figure if you can help them. ”

Jim always talks about “tactics vs principles”.

That principles always outbeats tactics.

In fact, if you know principles well enough, you can develop your own tactics.

An example of a tactic in REI, is using a yellow letter instead of postcards, or asking what color ink to use.

That’s a common question with investors.

A principle is, creating a very targeted list… or even… sending a free “gift” with your direct mail.

Sending a free gift is actually a direct response marketing principle.

In hot markets like health… publishers always send something free first. Like a free years subscription, a free book, etc.

Because the principle behind is people are most responsive when something is given, OR, if it’s the actual product like a subscription, people are more likely to eventually keep and buy the product if it’s good.

How does this apply to real estate?

Well, The other day Andy told me what he’s doing… and I thought it was genius.

He was exactly fulfilling the principles of direct response and he doesn’t really “study” that industry.

He does pay attention to other industries however, (which is something we all should be doing… I haven’t listened to a real estate podcast in over 2 year).

I’m not going to reveal what Andy was putting in his direct mail package because I’m not sure if he wants me to reveal it yet or not (maybe later).

But, he’s got a goal of buying 22 mini mobile home spaces, he’s working the farm area that he wants, and he’s sending a package to every resident with a free gift in it to go along, and asking them to keep it.

The principle behind the free gift is to get more response from a package that stands out… and second, is to get free advertising when they use his free gift (which they will).

Anyway, that’s all for that today.

In the eBook, “Inner Secrets…” I go into a section of marketing for mobile homes. Principles and technique to nab yourself a good 30% ROI deal .

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