As I’m sitting here at work (another all-nighter), I’m thinking about time-management.

I’m thinking about time-management because I realize that I’ve been behind in my emails this week.

Mainly because I’m oncall at my w-2 and on my 32nd hour of OT this week so far.

… yes I hate it.

But it pays the bills.

So, because my time is restrictive, I have to be incredibly strict about what takes my time and who drains it.

If you didn’t know, I have three kids, a wife, a 40-60 hour-a-week job, I have this info-publishing business, and I have a land flipping biz.

Yes, it’s too much.

I realize that.

Doing two businesses is NOT recommended (but there’s a very strategic reason why I do it that I’ll leave unanswered for now).

But, I want to give a few a freebies on my time management, because I haven’t met too many people as busy as I am.

Here’s what I do to safe guard my time:

1. The first two hours of my day is mine… no one else’s

I make sure that I wake up at 3:45 every weekday morning (unless I worked very late) and that’s where I write, and work on my business.

Writing is my craft so I have to practice it everyday. I realize writing isn’t your craft, but that can be replaced with, analyzing deals, building your business, practicing your pitch, etc.

2. Almost everyday I look at my tasks (write them down), and I prioritize and do the things that move my business (or me) forward. And I let other things fall by the wayside. I can’t do everything, so things do fall through the cracks and I’m ok with it.

3. I outsource what I can afford.

Currently, If I realize I’m going to be spending way too long figuring something out (which is usually related to my wordpress website), I message my wordpress guy, and he does it for a fee.

This can relate to you when you don’t have enough time to manage a rehab (or you’re not near to manage). In those cases you can partner up… Or if you lack the confidence to go door knocking, again you partner up… Or if you just can’t go out hanging bandit signs, you hire a guy (or gal) for a dollar a sign (or whatever is reasonable…

You get the point.

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