Time management is crucial.

Even more important when you work a w-2, have a family with kids, and are trying to get a business off the ground (my story). But “finding time”, I’ve learned comes down to elimination.
I was talking to an older family friend whose been in the car business for decades. And he was fascinated with the idea of flipping mobile homes.

He asked me, “How do you get time to even work on this?” I replied with a generic, “Just find it”.
But the truth is not all that there. Time management (or task elimination) is something I’ve learned as i go (and still improvising) but “finding” it is a little harder than it sounds. But “managing” the time you already have, and working with the situation that’s given to you is the key.
I’ve learned to do these three things for time management that all comes down to elimination:
1. Eliminate long conversations… you know when you’re just “shooting the shiet” with someone but you have a load of things on your mind to do.
2. Eliminate the extra moving parts…. you may be trying to do too much. Door knocking, cold calling, SEO work, mail, answering phones. I get it, when you’re a one-man show you have to do it all. But you’re spreading yourself out to thin too early when you’re still learning fundamentals.
3. Eliminate information… I know it sounds silly. But. it’s true for the REI world: we are constantly consuming new information in the form of podcasts and books. I don’t believe in reading as many books as you can, you don’t get a deep understanding of a topic. Instead. read the best 10 books 10 times or more.
Consume the best multiple times. Getting bombarded with new information without using and implementing the information you just consumed is a waste.
There’s obviously more to time management. But these three things have helped me immensely.
And one last thing:
If you’re working on getting a business off the ground, finding your first deal, rehab project, editing a 3-day seminar (like the 2017 MMNG seminar I’ve been pulling my hair on)…. know this:
Things take longer than expected.
Hate to be the “Debbie-Downer”, but from my own experiences and of others, this has always been the case.
So, why bring this up?
Because the video seminar that’ll be available to you at a discount before Andy and I launch it, will be available sometime in June or even August (unless this new editor does some magic).
It’s taking a lot longer than expected BUT it’s actually pretty fast given I’m new to this kind of launch and online launches can takes months. It’s actually faster in hindsight due to the process of elimination to give me more time every day, every week.
Anyway, In the mean time, I’ll have some video content eventually up before when the seminar gets going. I’ll have some more content to share as well that I’m working on: copy writing, SEO, and lead generation.
If you’re available this weekend, you can invest $200-$400 on Andy’s event. Which has all the info you need to get started in REI. It’s not your typical “how to buy RE with credit cards” seminar. But real creative real estate information by real life millionaires.
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