Today, I decided to just send you some information on resources that I use, have used, and my take on them.
These are resources to help me in my businesses and possibly yours.


An awesome tool to keep track of note payments. It cost money to use, but I charge the buyers the fees. Buyers can make automatic payments, and it notifies you when you get paid (a great feeling when you see that email), and when they miss a payment.

2. Google Voice – Free

Pretty much my “office” phone for all business. I can write and send text from computer as well with it. Testing out Vonage for other reasons but that cost a monthly fee.

3. Google apps – Free

I pretty much use google for all the tasks that Microsoft software does. I specifically use Google sheets to keep track of all leads, and buyers. Nothing fancy, just a spreadsheet.

4. Zapier – free (up to so many zaps)

Zapier is an awesome tool that can bind your applications together and make things a little less hands-on and more automated. I’m still discovering cool little tricks to automate. For instances, everytime I have a buyer opt-in to my website, the info automatically gets downloaded onto my google sheets.

5. Investor Carrot

What I use for selling land and mobile homes. More so for land. It’s a must to have if you’re selling land. And even mobile homes if you’re very active in it. It’s also one of the ways I got my best mobile home deal. It’s user friendly, easy to use, and pages rank on Google very easily. I have buyers come in organically into my site. If you opt in using my affiliate link: you get access to almost all my marketing material and what I’ve learned from being a freelance copywriter and marketer for high-end investors, and what I apply everyday in my businesses.

6. Mailchimp – Free (up to 2,000 email recipients)

I use it for my land buyers mainly because it’s free. Sends mass email

7. Aweber

I use it for my publishing bizz, and you’re receiving this email because of aweber. I use it because it’s highly used and recommended by most. It is known to have high deliverability rate (does not end up in spam that much compared to others), and I love it because it’s very easy to use. But it cost.

8. Sly Broadcast

Thinking about incorporating this back into my biz. But, this can send a mass voicemail to a list of phone numbers. I end up calling my buyers list and leaving the same voicemail so, might as well save time and do it all at once

9. Facebook marketplace

A must to sell things. My primary way to sell land and mobile homes. And, it’s possibly a place to find deals as well (never used it for that reason but it’s worth a try if you have time)

10. Offer 2 Owners

A great company to send letters and offers easily through mail. Just upload your list, and documents and it’ll be on its way. It usually only cost .55 cents a letter. Yes, a letter not a postcard.

There are others, but these are the ones that came to mind. If you have a great resource please feel free to send my what you know.

If you’re even slightest interested in going online with your biz, I highly recommend No other company compares, even if those others are slightly cheaper, they don’t rake and don’t have the training and customer support like does

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