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From the Desk of Andy Teasley:

"I don't know how to get started" - "I can't find any deals"

     This the most common statement from brand new investors—Regardless if they’ve been to $5,000 guru classes or not, or if they searched the forums night and day to seek the information they were looking for. 

   Take one of my students for example, Paul do Campo (who happens to be the one of the team members in developing this site). He spent 2-3 months learning as much as he can from the forums, spent about $5,000 in guru education… and after a year and a half (and over $20,000 in direct mail expenses… yes, you read that right), he still had no deal, no investments.  


          Until, I got him on the right track finding a positive cash flow investment in his own backyard. 

It only took about 3 months to find his first cash-flowing deal, after I got a hold of him.

      What was missing? 

Why did it take him only 3 months to find a deal as opposed to 1.5 years?!

        In my 30-year + experience as an investor and businessman, I believe it narrows to one thing… the education.

In other words: he was listening to the wrong people. 

So here’s the scoop on this website:


The original idea behind Millionaire-Makers Next Generation was to bring the creative real estate educators “of old” to today. 

       Too many of the world-class investors have either passed away or are too elderly to teach anymore. 

These world-class investors are people like Jack Miller, Peter Fortunato, Lonnie Scruggs, Warren Harding, Barney Zick, Ward Hanigan, Richard Reno, Bob Steele, Clyde Wilson, and Jimmy Napier.

     These investors I consider my mentors in life, business, and of course real estate. And not only me, but some of the best investors I know learned under some or all of these as well. Unfortunately, some of them are no longer with us, some don’t teach any more, or they hardly teach. So, the teachings of the great are starting to fade away.

   Instead of world-class creative investing educators I grew up with, we have been bombarded with fancy seminars with no substance, self-proclaimed guru’s that teach all tactics and no fundamentals, and viciously expensive seminars that are only there to upsell you to another expensive seminar.

 That’s why it’s my mission to bring back the teachings of these that have helped me get to where I’m at; teaching rather than guru selling on stage. 

“Mobile home investing just happens to be one of my expertise. And I believe that in today’s market, its one of the better investments. It’s a niche market where very few investors are meddling in – it’s the un-sexy asset that turns away many investors that can help these motivated sellers, it can offer not only huge returns on investment, but it’s the low hanging fruit for new investors with many exit strategies.” – Andy Teasley

I hope you enjoy what we have to offer. Every year we come out with events highlighting some guest speakers. I teach my mobile home investing course, and we offer many inexpensive training videos. But before you worry about stage selling…


       A lot of this is still in the process while we gather training courses. So be patient. However,  if you sign up below you’ll be placed on two email lists (mine in which I give you weekly questions to practice your deal-making skills on the calculator… and Paul do Campo’s who writes daily tidbits to improve life, business, and real estate investing you’ll be notified of any upcoming events, any promotions, and free daily tips on everything real estate investing, marketing, and business. 



Thanks so much for visiting and please join us below,

Andy Teasley

Founder of Millionaire Makers Next Generation

I’m not a stage guru selling seminars priced at $5k or more…. in fact, I only teach one class at the moment and it’s a 2-day that I charge $499. And it’s not an upsell class, meaning, I DON’T tease you with a little-bit of information only to sell you to another thousands course. This is my only course and I give you the whole enchilada. You even get direct contact with me before and afterwards (I’m not shy to sit down at the restaurant (your treat) and discuss anything you want in investing. I don’t purpose to know all the answers but I’ll give you my best shot with my 20-years experience in cash flow investing.” – Andy Teasley

Here’s What Others Have Said…

Trevor Mauch

Founder and owner of Investor Carrot

“I wanted to reach out to let you know how much I appreciate you [Paul] working with us this past year or so and how much we’ve valued your work. It’s been awesome seeing you grow as a writer”

Burke Walker

Investor, Student

“When I signed up for Andy Teasley’s Wizard of Wobbly Boxes: Problems Into Profits, I anticipated learning how to fix and flip mobile homes.
What I found is that Andy shares his personal experience, and teaches so much more. The class teaches sound ethical strategies, ideas on minimizing taxes, decreasing expenses, increasing gains, asset protection ideas, creating finance opportunities, marketing, how to find and close deals, and so much more than I expected. I took action using just some of Andy’s strategies within three weeks of taking the class,  and I now find myself using the strategies to profit. I would recommend this class to any investor looking for a sensible blue collar concept, that yields white collar returns! The best part about Andy’s class is that after the class he made himself available to help me. Long after the class Andy encourages you and answer questions, compared to the investing “gurus” that will take your money and leave you on your own.”

Hector Cardenas


Thank you Paul for this great email 
….by reading you tips and tricks I have stated networking with similar minded people that revolves in this industry!!

Robert Gervin


My name is Robert Gervin. I am an aspiring real estate investor. First of all I would like to say that I really appreciate the emails. Very good food for thought.