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Welcome to Millionaire Makers Next Gen!

The home of Andy Teasley, Wizard of the Wobbly Box. If you are new here make your first stop the sign up page for my free Weekly What If? Newsletter. This is my primary way I communicate with people. You will be added to my email newsletter and get my weekly financial calculator questions, see where I will be traveling next, and see what seminars are upcoming that you should attend if you are on the road to millionaire.

The Weekly What If?

This is a free email newsletter that has 3 financial calculator questions from easy to hard, answers the previous week’s questions, announcements, and upcoming vetted education. It is an essential email to for the new and experienced real estate investor and you can’t beat the price.

The Wizard Complete

This is Andy’s signature class to help you build a real estate business. If you want to start building wealth, cash flow and lifestyle others will envy than you need to start here. The class covers the essential skills with a financial calculator, buying and creating notes, and mobile home investing with a twist.

Vetted Education

You will find A LOT of education in real estate investing, most of it bad. There are very few good investing teachers. If you pick the wrong ones you will waste a lot of money and time. Once you find the right teachers it will be a game changer and you will the same investors attending repeatedly, even experienced ones.


About Millionaire Makers

Next Gen

The Millionaire Next Gen was born out of an older time. Many of original legends and investors in creative real estate such as Jimmy Napier, Peter Fortunato, John Schaub, Jack Miller, and Warren Harding held an event over 2 decades ago called The Millionaire Makers. This was an event filmed live in front of 735 attendees.

The investors that were there would say this event was akin to Woodstock for real estate investors. It started or continued the journey of hundreds of investors, many of whom have gone on to build incredible wealth, cash flow, and an enviable lifestyle.

Andy Teasley decided it was high time to create another Woodstock for real estate investors that were too young to attend the first event. He wanted to tap into the remaining teachers from that seminal event as well as the techniques and strategies of the those that are no longer with us but live on in the many students of these incredible teachers. This website is the base of operations for that, and we call it The Millionaire Next Gen! We are happy you have joined us.