From the Wizard of Wobbly Boxes...

How to Find a Cash-Flowing Deal... Tomorrow

Are you struggling to find deals these days? 

        If you are struggling, or, if you’d like to learn how to create passive income with low-hanging real estate that very little people tap into… and you can literally find in one day…. then read this letter below to show you how…

       Andy Teasley, the Wizard of Wobbly boxes has changed struggling investors to savvy cash flowing investors here in Southern CA, with a simple formula. 

This simple formula can create $200-$900 of cash flow with no tenants and no maintenance and no vacancies.

              It’s a very simple formula actually.

And while everyone else is running around trying to “wholesale” property to earn a measly $5,000 for months of work… his students are growing their passive income portfolio… 

A $400 a month cash flow deal, found, fixed and sold in less than a month.
This asset produces $400 a month and cost $20,000 to buy and fix

... With Mobile Homes

         Your first reaction to this “unsexy” niche is exactly why this is a low-hanging-fruit… all the other investors are either too scared of it, don’t know what to do with them, or are too busy in La-La Land trying to be the next HGTV star. 

If you’d like to know how they do it, here’s how:

  • First, they can literally find a mobile home for 20%-40% of ARV if they go door-knocking tomorrow (that’s how Andy and his students do it when they really want a deal now).
  • Or, if you like the more hands-off approach, you can use any of the traditional methods of marketing that Andy teaches and find a hot deal in 3 weeks or less. 
  • You negotiate and close the deal (using Andy’s negotiation system and his paperwork)
  • Start a mobile home rehab (if needed) and market for buyers immediately (if you do it the way Andy teaches, you can minimize the cost… or you don’t rehab at all and sell it as-is which is the best bang for your buck)
  • Once you find a buyer, you sell to them on payments. 
  • You become the bank and just collect a payment of $200-$900 (depends on the area) every month (no budgeting for maintenance or turnover)

If you'd like to know more on how to do this....

The Wizard and the Pioneer of Note Investing, Bill Tan, team up for an inexpensive weekend class.

In this class (if you sign up for both Sat. and Sun.) you'll learn:

  • How to find these profitable mail-box-money-machines using traditional and untraditional marketing methods. 
  • How an ex-carnival owner finds a loyal and happy buyer for these wagons and how to use his complete system
  • A complete guide to rehabbing these homes (completely different from rehabbing single Family residence. It’s extremely easy to over-rehab. So learn how to save money while building a quality rehab; what’s important and what’s not important)
  • Learn how to finally analyze EVERY deal regardless of the type of asset (Bill Tan, a regular guest speaker at National Note Events, gives you a complete guide to the financial calculator)
  • Learn how to figure out if your bank might be ripping you off (Bill shows you a story on how he used the financial calculator to make a big name financer bend to his will because of financial “goof-ups” from the lender. 
  • What to do if buyers stop paying you… and how it’s actually better for you IF it happens (Andy has never had to deal with this situation because he only sells to qualified buyers. Learn how he vets buyers to avoid mistakes)
  • See deal presentations done by Andy’s students
  • Learn how to use the financial calculator for every financial situation in life and give you an edge in your money-life
  • Learn how to market and sell these trailers to dominate the cash-flow game of life.
  • If you’re low on capital, learn how to find and leverage investors to free up some money.
  • Learn the way Andy confidently negotiates a great price with sellers
ANDY Teasley
mobile home investing
Bill Tan, Pioneer Note Investor since the 80's, teaches the financial Calculator

This is a 2-day event in San Clemente CA.


Seats Are Extremely Limited

Total price for 2-days is $499... Compare that with $5,000 "Guru" Weekend classes.

This will include:

  • A full day of Financial calculator class with Bill Tan (pioneer of note investing)
  • Financial calculator take-home workbook
  • A free hp10bii calculator
  • A full day of Andy’s complete system in flipping mobile homes
  • The Wizard of Wobbly Boxes take-home workbook
  • Contracts and paperwork for buying mobile homes
  • Presentations by Andy’s students
  • Get Added to Andy’s Student Network
  • Get Added to Andy’s Facebook “Wobbly Box” Group

To reserve your seat today....

.... Email "Reserve my Seat" to

Hear from one of his latest students....

“When I signed up for Andy Teasley’s Wizard of Wobbly Boxes: Problems Into Profits, I anticipated learning how to fix and flip mobile homes.
What I found is that Andy shares his personal experience, and teaches so much more. The class teaches sound ethical strategies, ideas on minimizing taxes, decreasing expenses, increasing gains, asset protection ideas, creating finance opportunities, marketing, how to find and close deals, and so much more than I expected. I took action using just some of Andy’s strategies within three weeks of taking the class,  and I now find myself using the strategies to profit. I would recommend this class to any investor looking for a sensible blue-collar concept, that yields white collar returns! The best part about Andy’s class is that after the class he made himself available to help me. Long after the class, Andy encourages you and answer questions, compared to the investing “gurus” that will take your money and leave you on your own.”
Burke Walker, 
Investor, student 

P.S. If you can’t make it to both days, or you’d rather go to one day…. ask about the pricing for a one day event by emailing

Selling with payments (any type of home) means BIG returns